Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Welcome to our first home.

A three story townhouse,
in a quaint, gated community.

Also commonly referred to as being located behind the institution known as
The Love Shack.

I'll admit- I had strong doubts about our first home and its lack of absolute perfection.
Obviously I learned nothing from years of watching
Property Virgins, My First Place, and House Hunters

For one, the nuisance of climbing a flight of stairs as you enter.

The sight of plain, old-school, yellow hardwood,
including matching banisters.

These outdated, gold chandeliers.

The layout of 2 living rooms and 2 dining rooms.
(No Picture Available)

A crack in the window.

A mark on the wall, a dent in the wood, a spot on the ceiling, a canary chirping outside the window, etc.

I immediately went into DIY mode after we signed the contract in what had to have been
the most solemn faces in history.

And so,
it all began in our half bath.

I stained all existing yellow hardwood a warm java brown,
and came out vowing never to do another DIY project ever again.

The end result.

I also had all the hardware replaced
(which now I wish I had done something a little less matchy).

Here is the naked-home grand tour,
with a more furnished one to follow.

The Entrance

The Indoor Entrance

The Basement
(currently the trash room)

The Formal Living Room

The Formal Dining Room

The Informal Living/Dining Room

The Kitch.

The Refrigerator

The Kitchen Faucet 
(which hubby proudly installed)

The Master Bedroom

The Secondary Master Bedroom Space

 The Master Bath

The Vaulted Ceiling

The Closet

The Jetted Tub & Shower

The Water Closet

The End.